What Is an Event Design Studio?
There is often some confusion about what it is exactly that an event design studio does. Or, heaven forbid, someone will confuse an event designer with an event planner.

Unlike a planner who is focused on the practical logistics of making sure everything and everyone is physically in the right place on your big day (and hopefully doing the right thing as well), an event designer is focused on the image and presentation of your event on that big day.

Therefore, you could say that an event designer is focused primarily on how your event appears.

What Does an Event Designer Do Exactly?

Not everyone feels that their event warrants the input and guidance of a professional event designer. They simply choose a few tablecloths, hang a banner or two and buy a few decorations or floral arrangements to plop down in some corners.

And for some events this is just fine.

However, for the real life-changing events that you want to create cherished memories of that will last forever, the input of an event designer is invaluable.

What an event designer does is take colors, fabrics, decorations and so on, and then weave them together in a way that leaves guests breathless and with a sense of wonder. A good event design helps to convey the ideas and themes of the event by creating a visual experience for the viewer that elicits certain emotions within them and imprints the images and feelings into their memory forever.

This means choosing the right visual cues in a way that only a true professional can.

When Should You Contact an Event Design Studio?
Generally speaking, as soon as possible.

Most event design studios will not even take work for events that are less than one month away, as it takes longer than that to learn about the event from you (the host), develop a unique design based on your desires and then ensure that the shared vision you have created can become a reality.

Most event designers recommend contacting them at least six months before the big day, with more time added depending on the size and importance of the event and the complexity of your vision for it.

The earlier you contact your event design studio, the more time they have to prepare the absolutely perfect design tailored to your unique needs and desires.

You can get started today by making an initial consultation appointment with us.