Is a Custom Floral Arrangement Right for Your Event?
Short answer: Yes!

Custom floral arrangements are the most effective and compelling piece of decoration that you can add to any event, no matter the occasion or size.

Guests are so attracted to and amazed by custom floral arrangements because of their unique combination of natural beauty and human artistic input. No purely human-made piece of decoration can compete with professional floral arrangements because they are all ultimately artificial, whereas a floral arrangement offers a natural beauty that provides a feeling of authenticity to your event that you cannot find anywhere else.

What Is a Floral Arrangement?
A floral arrangement uses flowers and other plants as the basis for a complex decoration. The flowers can be cut and shaped or left in their natural state, and they are then combined together to create images and patterns that are truly breathtaking and heartwarming.

Because nature offers an event stylist so many colors, shapes and textures to work with, there is effectively an infinite combination of floral arrangements that can be created, all conveying the grander themes of the event with an authentic natural beauty that no other decoration can possibly match.

Are Floral Arrangement for Weddings Only?
Far from it!

Floral arrangements can be used to decorate any and every event. In fact, while floral arrangements are somewhat expected at weddings and certain other events, a unique and striking floral arrangement at a speech or business meeting, for example, will leave your guests breathless and create a strong impression on them of your seriousness and professionalism.

Floral arrangements can be light or dark, strong or pale, extravagant or simple, so on and so forth across an enormous range of visual cues and impressions.

The key shared element that all floral arrangements have in common is the sense of breathless wonder that they elicit in your guests as they ponder the intertwining of natural beauty and human artistic expression.

Can I Choose My Favorite Flowers?
A request for the inclusion of one or more favorite flowers or plants in a floral arrangement is one of the most common client inputs that event stylists are happy to accommodate.

Your favorite flower can be the centerpiece of the floral arrangements for your event that all the other flowers are focused on accentuating, or they can be a background addition as your own personal unique touch to the greater themes that your event designer is developing.

Floral arrangements are just one of the topics that you can cover in an initial consultation with your event designer. Contact your event stylist today to get started.