What Is Decor and Props Styling?
The decor and props of your event are what give it a sense of character and style.

Without them, your event is just a bunch of functional pieces of furniture, such as chairs, tables and podiums. Decor and props is where you get to put your own unique signature on your event by creating a visual experience that your guests will think on fondly for years to come.

What Are Decor and Props?

Decor and props can be considered anything in your event that is not purely functional. Of course the functional elements of your event can also be decorative, but they are not put there simply for their visual appeal like decor and props are.

Banners, curtains, lights, vases and floral arrangements are just some examples of common decor and props used to bring a sense of visual style to an event.

These items are selected for their visual appeal and placed very specifically to create an overall sense of mood and feeling in guests based on the visual cues that they elicit in them.

How Do Event Stylists Use Decor and Props?
Your event stylist will use decor and props in your design for very specific purposes. Event styling involves far more than just randomly plunking down a few vases and hanging a banner or two.

The decor and props to be used for your event are chosen very carefully and in a way that creates a holistic experience for your guests. That is to say, there is no one decor or prop that is intended to steal the show by itself, but rather they all work together as one to create a unified theme that encompasses the entire visual experience and which the guests will be taking in the entire time no matter where they are looking.

This is why it is so critical to have a professional event stylist select and place your decor and props for your event. Only with a deep understanding of color, shape and the latest trends in style is your event designer able to weave together the magic that goes into a seamlessly beautiful event experience.

Can I Help Choose Decor and Props for My Event?

An event designer’s favorite sort of client are the ones who have a vision for their event, but need some professional help getting there.

Maybe you saw something incredible in a magazine. Or you were blown away by a decoration at an event you just attended.

Whatever it is you saw that took your breath away, your event designer will be happy to help you weave it into the final design for your event, making it both beautiful and uniquely your own.

You can start chatting with us about the decor and props for your big event today.